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Just Released: The Forgotten Words Collection                                                         Complimentary Shipping for US & Canada


Immerse yourself in the world of fine fragrance and personal care, deeply inspired by the rich heritage of Korea.


We have partnered with Vesta, an artisanal chocolate shop that expertly crafts exquisite chocolates using organic ingredients. Our coffee and beverages are meticulously crafted in collaboration with Guete Leute, a renowned specialty coffee shop based in Seoul, Korea.


We offer the option to enjoy our chocolates and pair them with a specialty drink of your choice through reservation only. Walk-ins are subject to availability. Secure your spot by reserving through Tock.



We proudly support both established and emerging Korean artists, showcasing their exceptional works throughout our store.


Currently on view:

The Night of counting stars by Son-il

Portrait of Jimin by Lee K

What is Blue by Heoyu

Ceramic Collection by Bonnie Lee



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