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Wherever Life Blooms

Jinwoon Jeong x Feeldog

Half Spotted "Remaining" Triangle Sculpture

Honggu Park

These triangle sculptures are Park Honggu’s “Remaining” sculptures – made in his traditional style, spotted and blackened Korean Birch. The piece is finished in oil. The sculptures look like tall mountains. Do you have times of hardship and uncertainty? The mountains remind us to stay strong and steadfast. A beautiful homage to nature in the best way Park Honggu knows how: in wood.


Flat Bottom Half Charred Vessel

Honggu Park

Master artist Park Honggu has been a woodworker for over half his life. His vessels are otherworldly – no machine is able to reproduce the delicate detail: the wavy edges and the kinks in the wood that have been shaved down to the exact right form. They perch on a svelte leg, and the bowl has a flat bottom. The artist uses a traditional Korean lacquer process called Ott-chil – using the all-natural sap of a Rhus tree (lacquer tree) that is renowned for its high quality. The artist has used a proprietary method to char half the bowl and meets an oil finish 3/4 of the way up the vessel. This is Park Honggu's signature. An heirloom to be passed down for generations.

Sweet Potato Jar

Gyeol Han

A stunning piece of masterful woodwork, this goguma jar (or, “sweet potato” jar for its elongated shape) is two pieces of wood joined together at the center. The top half of the goguma jar is from a Ginkgo Tree and was cut width-wise, while the bottom half is made from Pine Wood and was cut length-wise. The artist did this to get two different grain work patterns on one piece and additionally to prevent a naturally occurring crack from growing any further. He stamped his goguma jar on the bottom with a floral inlay from an abalone shell. He finished the piece with a cured lacquer 9 times (which takes weeks to do). It is one of his personal favorite works to date.

Oyster Shell Moon Jar

Gyu Kim

Kim Gyu was the pioneer who created the first wooden moon jar. Though it seems like an old-world relic, this artwork is actually the cross-section of modern ingenuity and informed technique. This incredible moon jar was turned and hand carved from Ginkgo wood – the oldest tree species in existence – and while it retains the heft and durability of lumber, the artist has painted it with a pure, white paste made from ground oyster shells to mimic the traditional ceramic moon jar. Kim Gyu has preserved the closeness to the earth, and the humility of nature, and demanded the respect it deserves through art. To be passed down for generations.

The Night of Counting Stars


Son-il is a Korean artist who explores harmonious communication through the use of Korean characters, particularly Hangul. Employing materials like woodblock and hanji (traditional Korean paper), Son-il restores the artist's aesthetic language while evoking a sense of time and history. The artist's works infuse rugged textures with underlying delicacy and purity, expressing the essence of Korean culture with a contemporary sensibility.

What is Blue 10, 11, 12


Heoyu is a Seoul-based Korean aritist known for her unique visual language, influenced by her background in Asian Painting and Philosophy. Exploring themes of epistemology, cognition, existence, and relationships, Heoyu's artwork challenges our perceptions of the world and our beliefs about it. Through her recent projects, she delves into the concept of perspective, creating figures that offer subtle optical illustions and a sense of motion. Utilizing basic elements like dots and lines, Heoyu skillfully crafts multi-layered figures, adding depth to her artworks.

(portrait of Jimin)

Lee K

Lee K, a South Korean painter, specializes in creating captivating portraits of celebrities like Billie Eilish and Jimin from BTS. Through skillful lines and curves, Lee K reimagines their familiar faces, infusing life and emotion into each composition. With a few masterful strokes of pencil or brush, the artist crafts realistic and powerful portraits that draw viewers into a mesmerizing exchange.

(private collection)

Bonnie Lee

Bonnie Lee is both a skilled ceramist and an avid art collector. With a particular focus on master ceramists in Korea, she has amassed a collection of remarkable pieces spanning the 1970s to the 1980s. Within the store, you can discover five exquisite artworks that she personally curated and acquired. She is also the mother of our founder, Wonny Lee.


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