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A Letter To Small Business Owners

As a fellow business owner, I understand how hard these past few months have been for you and your team. 

We've been working hard on ELOREA for the past year and had planned on launching with 4 fine fragrances. While this wasn’t the launch we had planned, we’re actually incredibly grateful. This pandemic has given us clarity in our mission to support our fellow Korean community.

With the release of our new hand sanitizers, we're committed to donating as many as we can, for as long as we have to, to our fellow Korean small business owners as we all look towards reopening.

Together, I truly believe we will get through these incredibly tough times even stronger. It’s in our blood, after all, as proud warriors and survivors.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to highlight some of these amazing businesses and share their stories with you.

If you're a small business owner, please email ( me or DM us on Instagram (@ELOREA_official) to get connected. We want to hear your story and be as helpful as we can.

힘내세요! 파이팅!

You can support small and local businesses by purchasing a premium sanitizer set for yourself and we'll pay it forward. 

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The amazing Korean owned businesses we support so far:
 (Updated August 6th)

  1. Toi et Moi Events
  2. Mokbar
  3. Ms. Yoo
  4. Jeju Noodle Bar
  5. Detox Water
  6. Hand Hospitality
  7. Take31
  8. Her Name Is Han
  9. Cho Dang Gol
  10. Nonono
  11. On
  12. Makku
  13. Danji
  14. Osamil
  15. Yoon Haeundae Galbi
  16. Kochi
  17. Cote
  18. White Tiger
  19. Haenyeo
  20. Silver Factory
  21. Dotory
  22. Chingoo
  23. Dokebi
  24. Thursday Kitchen
  25. Hana Makgeolli
  26. Nori Handroll Bar
  27. Hook'd on the Hudson
  28. Hudson Market
  29. Konbini
  30. Nami Nori
  31. Kimbap Lab
  32. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong NYC
  33. Baro by Chefs Society
  34. Harueh
  35. Love Korean BBQ
  36. AATE Beauty Salon
  37. Atoboy
  38. Atomix
  39. Momofuku (207 to Go)
  40. Oiji NYC
  41. Nowon


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